Maximizing Performance of Capital Projects

Our Sustainability and Capital Growth practice serves the needs of capital project owners and financiers. We are a high level trusted advisor to asset owners’ teams that run complex capital projects. We help them establish replicable and scalable capital management processes to effectively manage the large inherent complexity, and the multiple stakeholders they often deal with in large projects.

We are a catalyst for transformation at the enterprise level and the project level. We transfer know-how to enable clients to do the right projects right, during our engagement and in the long run.

Our clients realize benefits such as on-time and on-budget execution, reduction in their environmental footprint and in the likelihood of catastrophic events, increase in project operability, improved enterprise capital planning processes, and overall reduction in investment risk.


DuPont methodologies help organizations to achieve business excellence. Our operations consulting experts customize our proven sustainability, energy efficiency, asset productivity and capital effectiveness solutions for your organization. We help reduce risks, maximize returns and minimize waste.

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ROUNDTABLE: Achieving Sustainable Results in Capital Projects - Practical planning and execution with a focus on Asset Operability

February 27th 4-5 pm
With upwards of 65% of global projects over budget and underperforming, there is rising concern. The panel will discuss the importance of a comprehensive asset lifecycle approach and explore the impact of culture, process discipline, labor complexity, and stakeholder involvement on project performance and asset operability.
DuPont Representatives:
Moderator:  Jim Porter -Former-Vice President, Engineering
                     (retired in September 2008)                        
Panel Members: Simon Herriott, Vic Stroud

Keynote Speaker: Jim Weigand - President, DuPont Sustainable        

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Suncor Energy Video Case Study

Learn how DSS worked with Suncor Energy to improve its environmental impact and process safety program.
The video recounts:
  • Suncor Challenges
  • Why Suncor chose DSS
  • What DSS did to help 
  • Results of the collaboration

Participate in discussions with industry peers and DSS employees regarding capital effectiveness and other topical business issues.
As a member, you will be able to participate in discussions, and we encourage you to join in the conversations.

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Improving the Success Rate of Large Capital Projects
A good planning process is not sufficient to achieving a successful outcome. The key to success is a project team’s ability to recognize and integrate seemingly disconnected elements into an overarching executional approach that enables systemic risks reduction and an increase in the probability of positive outcomes. Thanks to more than 200 years of experience developing capital projects, DuPont has been able to group those elements into a handful of key success factors . . .

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